Pigeon strains

Ron van der Noort (NL)

The well-known Dutch racer and breeder whom has bred a variety of excellent allround-pigeons. Many pigeon fanciers perform well with Ron’s pigeons, such as Cees van Dijk, Thijs Boomkamp, Aart Bax and of course us, Fam. Amechtal. His top hen, “Dominique”, has won the 1st Nat. NPO Orleans of 8,494 pigeons and she has passed down her excellent qualities onto her descendants. In recent years (2012-2020) Van der Noort pigeons have won the following prizes:

  • 1st Prov. Orleans 8,494p. 
  • 1st Prov. Peronne 16,472p. 
  • 1st Prov. Bourges 9,805p.
  • 1st Prov. Duffel 7,969p.
  • 1st Prov. Nijvel 4,424p.
  • 1st Prov. Nijvel 4,056p.
  • 2nd Prov. Beek en Donk 16,555p.
  • 4th Prov. Duffel 11,898p.
  • 5th Prov. Heusden-Zold 11,921p.
  • 7th Prov. Lessines 18,809p.
  • 7th Prov. Quievrain 14,505p. 
  • 7th Prov. Roosendaal 13,090
  • 8th Prov. Creil 5,116
  • 9th Prov. Orleans 5,234p.
  • 10th Prov. Roye 16,201
  • 10th Prov. Minderhout 7,173p.
  • etc.
Ron van der Noort has his own site. To find out more about him and his great stock of pigeons click the link(s) below!

Alex Meijboom (Huizen, NL)

The Dutch King of the “One Lofts” Alex Meijboom. Due to significant disturbances from birds of prey, Alex resigned himself to participating in the One Lofts, with great success. Together with Joost Visser,  he has raced under the name “Visser-Meijboom” with high appeal on the international stage, battling for the top positions in the FCI OLR Rankings. Their pigeons are predominantly descendants of direct Willem de Bruijn pigeons. Children from his best (national) racers and breeders, inhabit his breeding lofts. In addition, Alex has pure black Ko van Dommelen. 


Adriaan Kop (Houten, NL)

Work in progress. 


Clive Lister & Mark Gilbert (Southfield Lofts) (GB)

The miracle pigeon breeder from Britain, Clive Lister. His pigeon strain consists of pure and crossed Gaby Vandenabeele, G&C Koopman through Mark Gilbert’s Southfield Lofts and many more top strains. Clive has bred many great pigeons, such as one of Britain’s best pigeons, the “666”. Various British top fanciers do well with Clive Lister’s pigeons and  their descendants. We possess birds from the lineage of “Southfield Star”, the 2nd NFC Saintes. The lineage is based on Koopman birds crossed with Gaby Vandenabeele’s Bliksem and Golden Gaby’s (1st Nat. Orleans 12,875p.) daughter. In addition, we have the same lineage crossed with descendants from Lazer Gun; Marcel Sangers.  Descendants bred by Amechtal pigeons have also done well in the Netherland’s Section 7, such as:

  • 8th Ace Pigeon Middle Distances Section 7 2022
  • 7th NU Z1 Chateauroux 2023
  • 5th NPO Gien 2023
To find out more about the British fanciers click the link(s) below!

John Ruttenberg (Baarn, NL)

John Ruttenberg’s loft is one of the fastest in the Netherlands, possessing birds that are at the absolute pinnacle of sprinting races. In 2018, John Ruttenberg won 1st unnominated and nominated in the Netherland’s Section 7 of 726 participants, including top fanciers such as Anneke & Pierre Faes, Johan den Hartog, Onno Okhuijsen (original owner of the “Dominator”), and G & H Calis. You can always find Ruttenberg at the top of Department 7 every year. In 2020 Ruttenberg’s loft was the 3rd Nat. Middle Distances (not nominated). 

John Ruttenberg’s strain is composed of children and descendants of Geert Munnik’s “Johnny Boy”, which are hard to come across in the present, G&C Koopman (Wondere Dirk) and Stefaan Lambrechts. Furthermore, Ruttenberg formed a combination with the brothers Ruijter recently. The brothers Ruijter, Bep and Reinier, have some of the best of Leo Heremans and Dirk van den Bulck pigeons. 

On our loft we have two grandsons of Wondere Dirk on father’s side and “de Late Koen” from Koen Minderhoud on mother’s side of the family, as well as a daugher of sister “Levina” (the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon R3-2010) and brother of the “Gouden 530” 2nd Ace Pigeon short-distances  Friesland, through Ruttenberg. 

John Ruttenberg and the brothers Ruijter have their own site. To find out more about them and their incredible pigeons, click the link(s) below!