Long Distance Highlights

Salbris – 23-05-2021

On Salbris our first timed was the “19-003”, a cock from 2019. A son of both the “460” and the “429”. In 2020 he had already proven that he can race at the front of the competition of the short distances by placing 4th of 566p. in the Club and 30th of 4,680p. on Etroeungt. On this race he proves himself again on the long distances, by placing 6th in the Club of 266p. and 31st of 1,337p. in combine A1.

Right after him came a hen, the “20-050”, a daughter of the 428 paired with the 088 hen from Clive Lister,  placing her 8th in the Club and 41st of 1,337p. in combine A1.

Vierzon – 06-06-2021

Vierzon marks the first one-day long distance race with headwind and a clear sunny sky. Our first timed was once more the “19-003”,  this time placing 4th in the Club of 182p.. 

Our second bird was the “20-031”, a granddaughter of the “428”, placing 12th in the Club, and her mother, the “19-001” was timed as our 3rd bird, placing 20th in the Club. This was impressive since she had already been out of commission for a couple of weeks, because she was hit by a bird of prey during the end of the short distance races.  

In the combine A1 this was sufficient to place 32, 64, 80, 165, 211 & 213 against 1041p..

Vierzon – 19-06-2021

Originally, the pigeons of section 7 were supposed to go to Bourges, however due to the bad weather, the site was changed to Vierzon. It was a tough race, everywhere as far as the eye could see, the sky was grey. There wasn’t a single speck of an opening in probably most of the Netherlands and the race course was very slow nationally. In our Club and the combine A1, the race ended the next morning, since there weren’t enough prize pigeons the first day. 

Our 1st timed was the “20-060”, a chequer hen and daughter of our “15-086”, the 8th Dax NIC Soest. She placed 5th in the club against 112p. and 20th in the combine A1 against 517th pigeons. 

Our 2nd timed was “20-027”, a daughter of the 429 paired with the 105 from Clive Lister. She placed 15th in the Club and 85th in the combine A1

Issoudun – 03-07-2021

Our first timed on Issoudun was the “19-001” and the second timed was the “20-027”. Placing 7th and 11th respectively in the Club against 146p. and in the combine A1, our birds won the 48th, 57th & 72nd place against 556p. 

Chateauroux – 18-07-2021

The last race of the season and the toughest yet. It was hot, and there was a powerful headwind raging across the lands. The fastest pigeons of the day barely managed to get more than 1,000m/m or 60 km/h. 

Our first timed was once more the “20-027”, followed by our first nominated, the “19-001”. They placed 11th and 13th against 174p. in the Club. In combine A1, they placed 26th and 34th against 516p.

This brought the long distance races to an end and we managed to get 9th place unnominated, just below the well-known Anneke & Pierre Faees, and 10th place nominated in the combine A1. 

A shout out to our club mate Richard v. Zuijlen. Richard’s birds had been out of the competition for a while, since they weren’t well, however he basketed them for Chateauroux and got 19/39, starting with the 2nd & 3rd in the combine A1, right after G&H Calis.

Moreover, our other club mates, Youssef Sedikki & Hans Kaars managed to get the 3rd and 2nd nominated respectively in the Combine A1 and also pigeon champion long distances in Hilversum & Omstreken. In combine A1, Youssef’s “18-638” managed to become 4th and Hans’ “18-928” managed to become 2nd.

Congratulations !