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47th Chalons en champagne 6,849p.

The first middle distance race was this week, the distances that the birds have to fly finally increasing to roughly 380 km for us. There was a decent southern wind, propelling the pigeons to speeds of 120 km/h. Moreover, there was a high cloud density in the air and rain on the line of flight. This combined with the velocity at which the birds flew, caused big differences in arrival times, as many birds had to fly back when going too far and some may have been held up by the big shroud of rain covering a good part of the route. Nonetheless, we still timed a good one.

39th Duffel 5,066p.

This week the racing season kicked off with Duffel, a whopping 150 km race for us. There was a moderate head wind and the temperature was still a little chilly. Nonetheless, this flight showed a promising start of the season: 3rd of 547p. and 38th of 5,133p.