47th Chalons en champagne 6,849p.


The first middle distance race was this week, the distances that the birds have to fly finally increasing to roughly 380 km for us. There was a decent southern wind, propelling the pigeons to speeds of 120 km/h. Moreover, there was a high cloud density in the air and rain on the line of flight. This combined with the velocity at which the birds flew, caused big differences in arrival times, as many birds had to fly back when going too far and some may have been held up by the big shroud of rain covering a good part of the route. Nonetheless, we still timed a good one.

The star of this flight was the “20-1350091” a late youngster from 2020 that did not participate in any races before the start of 2021. His racing career had only just begun, so we did not expect any significant results from them. Be that as it may, the “091” did manage to pleasantly surprise us on this race. 6th in the Club of 706p., as well as 35th of 4,030p. in Region A1, which was good enough for the 47th spot of 6,849p.. In the entirety of Afdeling (Department) 7 this young cock obtained the 102nd spot of 16,838p.. Quite the achievement for a late youngster of 2020!

His parents are both two 100% Gaby Vandenabeele. His father is a grandson of “Patron” and his mother is a Bliksem inbred, a granddaughter of both the famed “Rudy” (paired with “Lizzy“, a daughter of “Tsaby” and “Kim“) as well as “Jason” (paired with “Dolores“, a daughter of “Matador” and half sister of “Miss France“) . Both are sons of “Bliksem“.

Below are the results of the race in the “Noord” (North, which is the entirety of Region A which is comprised of A1 and A2) and the Club results.